The Benefits of Teaching Kids about Animals

The Benefits of Teaching Kids about Animals

The world we live in is also home to several other creatures. From animals, birds, fish to insects, there are several fascinating creatures around us. And each of these creatures plays an important role in our world. Animals help bring out nutrients in the cycle, decomposition, pollination, fertilization etc. and other activities necessary for the proper functioning of the ecosystem. Additionally, domestic animals provide us with food, clothing, companionship etc.

Little children love animals and love playing with them. This is because of their curiosity and the innate biological connection that humans have with animals. Teaching children about animals is extremely important. Learning about and interacting with animals helps children understand more about nature and respect it too. It teaches children important skills like empathy, understanding, love and respect. It helps children learn the importance of caring for others and understanding others’ needs. It also improves their confidence and helps them learn about unconditional love and understand the circle of life. 

In addition to these benefits, an important advantage of learning about animals is that it improves the child’s vocabulary. Learning the names of different animals, the sounds they make, their characteristics etc., is important for their language development. These words serve as building blocks of sentence forming and also help them learn how to categorize animals. It also helps them learn important life lessons like responsibility towards other creatures and the environment. Additionally, it also helps them learn more about the world around them and its culture.  

So, how can you introduce children to animals to interact with them and learn more about them? Worksheets are one of the easiest ways to help kids learn about animals. Coloring worksheets like animal coloring pages help children learn about different animals and their characteristics in a fun way. Here are 5 other fun ways to help children learn more about animals.

5 Activities to Help Children Learn about Animals

Try these 5 activities with your child to help them learn more about animals.

  1. Trip to the zoo: The best place to learn about animals is the jungle, but if that isn’t possible, a trip to the zoo is the next best option. The children can see all kinds of animals up close and learn more about their characteristics, food habits and habitats. They also learn about the important part each animal plays in the environment and the need for their conservation. A zoo or jungle helps children see exotic animals that they usually only see in pictures or videos.
  2. Animal shows: Little children love watching videos online and on TV. So, turn their TV time into a productive learning experience by showing them shows on animals. Choose meaningful content about animals on educational channels to help children learn about different animals. You can also choose funny animated shows and movies about animals like Turbo to improve your child’s knowledge of animals.
  3. Animal stories, songs and rhymes: Children don’t just learn about animals by seeing them in pictures and videos. They learn by listening to stories and reciting songs and nursery rhymes about animals too. Sing animal-themed songs and nursery rhymes like “Baa Baa black sheep,” “Mary had a little lamb,” “Three blind mice,” “Old MacDonald had a farm” etc. You can also read animal-themed stories like “Goldilocks and the three bears,” “The hare and the tortoise,” “Three little pigs” etc. 
  4. Coloring pages: Coloring pages are a great way to help children learn about different animals. Give your kids animal-themed coloring worksheets like dog coloring pages, shark coloring pages etc. This activity helps them learn to draw and color the animals. Additionally, it helps them learn their characteristics like the color, shape, number of legs etc. 
  5. Animal crafts: Crafting is a wonderful way to teach children about animals. You can make animal-themed crafts to help your child learn about different animals. For example, paper plate chickens, foam cup lions, paper tube foxes, craft stick farm animals etc. With each animal craft, teach the children a few facts about that particular animal. This helps the knowledge stick in their memory.

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