Ram Chary Everi- Graphic Design and Your Business’s Brand Identity

Ram Chary Everi- Graphic Design and Your Business’s Brand Identity

One of the key areas that business owners overlook is their brand identity. They know why their business exists however; they often find it challenging to share the message of their business brand to their targeted audience. If they fail to connect with the customer, their business will sink into oblivion in no time. To avoid such a disaster, a business owner needs to resort to graphic design and bridge the company and the customer. 

Ram Chary Everi is a professional photographer and graphic designer from Boston in the USA. He is currently practicing his fine arts degree by covering different events and designing an extensive range of printed materials. He loves to drive up to the northeast and get his boat out to search for good tuna in his free time. He knows that fishing tends to get very competitive; however, he has a refreshing time when he is out on the water fishing. Growing up in Boston allows people to get more accustomed to the water, which is what he appreciates. 

Value of graphic design for business brand success in the market 

In his opinion, a business owner should always acknowledge the value of a well-created graphic design that is good for the brand’s success. For beginners, graphic design helps create a long-lasting impression; it allows potential clients and business partners to remember the company’s service, brand, and product. The graphical design helps the business develop a unique quality for the brand that sets them apart from the rest of the company. If any business wishes to stand out in the market competition, it needs to stand out.

The importance of a business logo 

Logos come under the umbrella of graphic design as well. These distinctive designs showcase the business’s credibility and add to its brand identity. When businesses promote their brand, they should develop a customized logo that shares their purpose, message and unique identity. Global companies generally have business logos that exude credibility, integrity and professionalism. They are also successful in portraying the brand message to the targeted audience. 

Logos and advertising 

Just because a company has a business logo does not mean that advertisement is simple. The retention rates for the customer and the brand’s identity will be promoted once a business uses the logo for ads across all its marketing platforms. The actions for websites, sales, marketing and websites are boosted when the efforts for graphic design are used. From creating a brand identity to the packaging of strategy and sales, graphic design has a profound role. It makes the success of the business inevitable over time!

According to Ram Chary Everi, it is prudent for even small business owners to have a good logo for establishing their brand identity in the market. The logo helps them stand out and compete with their larger counterparts with success while gaining a competitive edge in the market.


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