How to crack the MPPSC Prelims Exam? What is the Best Strategy to crack MPPSC Prelims in First Attempt?

How to crack the MPPSC Prelims Exam? What is the Best Strategy to crack MPPSC Prelims in First Attempt?

In Madhya Pradesh, a state-led authority conducts competitive and civil service examinations. Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission holds several open recruitment exams to select candidates for state positions every year. Whenever the commission conducts recruitment tests, it receives thousands of applications from candidates interested in open positions, making the process extremely competitive. We explore some tips & strategies for navigating the MPPSC on your first attempt in this article.

You need to plan your preparation from the beginning if you want to crack one of the country’s most challenging exams. Being in your second year of college, you have the time to study each subject carefully. Nevertheless, you should use your time wisely when preparing. 

Grasp the Entire Syllabus 

Once you have reviewed the syllabus and understood it, start with the basics. Books by ICSE and NCERT are excellent starting points. As your knowledge of the concepts grows, you will progress to the more popular and prescribed books.

General Studies Preparation

Because the official MPPSC AE syllabus does not include details on the subjects to study under each topic, it is expected that students will acquire knowledge that is slightly below graduation level but above high school level. Those candidates who have a firm command of General Studies can be sure of a good result in their examinations.

Examine together for both the preliminary and mains. Don’t leave your preparation for the mains at the last possible moment. We recommend that you spend the time after the Preliminary Examination covering the missed topics by thoroughly reviewing the Main Examination. Make sure to revise your MPPSC notes for the last time.

Read The Hindu

Perusing The Hindu paper should be part of your daily routine. Concentrate, integrate, and make notes from what you read. Write information gained from The Hindu on a separate sheet or notebook. It will help you as the exam approaches if you watch lectures on YouTube. Get BYJU’S Exam Prep to get your daily dose of facts and current headlines. 

Crack The MPPSC Prelims Exam

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission posts thousands of employment openings for many positions every year. Many aspirants submitted applications against many of these vacancies, complicating recruitment screening for the commission. It is better to learn rather than spend all your time on books to pass with flying colours efficiently. Getting ready for the MPPSC exam earlier is always better than waiting until the notification arrives. Make sure you understand the exam structure and syllabus before beginning your preparations. Knowing what not to do will help you to increase your learning efficiency. Having a proven MPPSC strategy is critical to scoring well and topping the list of State Service enlistees. Here are some valuable guidelines and techniques you can employ to crack the MPPSC cut off.

It is essential that you start your preparations with the previous year’s question papers and syllabus. We can analyze the exam paper’s trend by looking at last year’s question papers. Similarly, aspirants will better understand what topics make up the syllabus, which will help them understand the difficulty levels and nature of the questions. In addition, you should make a schedule customized to your schedule and try to adhere to it. You will be able to cover the syllabus by downloading BYJU’S Exam Prep app.

As you begin to learn, you should also practice mock tests. Try as many mock tests as possible as you continue your learning program. Take notes during the revision process while attempting the mock tests and learning the material. Do not rush final revisions, and studying new topics should not be done right before a deadline.


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