Reasons to use Chatbot Message in Facebook

Reasons to use Chatbot Message in Facebook

Today’s generation had been using social media to connect with family and friends. One of the most popular social networking sites used is Facebook which Mark Zuckerberg created in 2004. Since Mark started this application, it has not been used only as a means of communication, but in business as well.A lot of entrepreneurs – big and small companies makes use of Facebook to make transactions online. It is also where they showcase their products and services. Some of them are even paying for more features that would be relevant to the business.

Pretty sure, you are aware that telecommunication companies are using automated voice systems for your queries. Most of the time, you have to pass through a machine first before finally reaching a customer representative. The same thing also happens in Facebook. Some companies are using the Facebook messenger chatbot for your questions and requests. In my opinion, this is a good way for companies to keep in touch with their clients. Chatbots are programmed, using Artificial Intelligence to stimulate an interaction or a conversation between humans and computers.

While there are also companies, who do not use this chatbot for any reasons. Basically, they just have a small company. They can see that their office staff can manage queries online. This is true, if your transactions are only based in the locality. But as soon as their business grows and have overseas clients, then maybe they should think about using this feature on Facebook, too. For some people, this may leave an impression that you won’t get accurate and real answers. I guess, you need to know why there is a need to use this feature.


If you are using this kind ofplatform, then you will have the chance to be available 24 hours a day. When you are in the business industry, clients or customers will appreciate it if they can connect with you any time of the day. Interactions or conversations are more frequent and convenient when you are chatting. Especially, there are times when you cannot make calls like when your battery is running low.

Chatbots are virtual robots. Therefore, they do not get tired of chatting with clients, having different transactions to talk about. Sometimes, human beings may change moods like when already tired of answering the same questions and giving the same solutions.

Anyway, because of this technology, your company would be able to perform more tasks. Through this, customers will have less time waiting for your services. I guess, you may earn more customers with a fast and well-managed transactions.

Extensive Customer Support

Customers, who loves to go shopping online will surely need customer support. Having a business online means that you need every transaction over the Internet. Here, you will not just attend to one customer because you will surely have a lot of buyers. It would be great, if you can answer all the queries without losing them, right?

Since you are using chatbots, then this will assist you. Let’s say that this is your virtual sales representative. Through the AI given to this robot, conversations can be real-time and can give facts or information about the products and services offered by the company. Click this to know what else can AI do for a company.

Interactive Customer Support

When you start chatting with the chatbots, it will look like you are having a conversation with a human being and that is because this robot is smart. Actually, this robot will not interact with the customer until you start contacting the company.

This only shows that entrepreneurs, who are actively competing with others and using this robot is an advantage. Not all companies would like to use this program. So, obviously, you may be leading among your competitors.

Since you are making things interactive, this will increase engagement. Customers find it important to be engaged with the brand of the company. When this happens, there is also a big chance to increase your sales. Actually, this robot will even talk more than a human and provides more information, too. Now, when a customer is more engaged, the more it will stay on the platform.

Monitor data and Insights

Your chatbot has been just so useful because you can monitor data as well as insights through the conversation. For example, the consumer may leave a feedback, comment, suggestion or complaint. Since your robot is available any time of the day, the consumer can receive a favorable response right away. By the way, you can see sample conversations via Facebook Messenger at

Due to the fast reply, the consumer may feel the importance and priority, too. Because of this, more consumers will be given a chance to be heard. This is also a good chance to track how many customers are entertained in a certain period of time.

Through this customer, you can track his records and find out what services were availed or products bought. In line with this, you will also be able to monitor what consumers or viewers say about your products and services.

Costs Less

It would be cheaper, if you are going to use a robot than hiring more employees to answer customers via Facebook. I am not saying that you should not hire additional employees for your Customer Support. Big companies can always do this because they have all the funds. But when it comes to smaller companies with limited budget and cannot manage hiring more employees at the moment – this is a great advantage.

Instead of hiring employees to manage customer support, it would be great, if they will be given a more complex task in the company. Again, robots don’t get tired compared to human beings. It is even safer to use chatbots fully working during the night because they do not need to come to work late.

A company has a lot of tasks to do in a day. Sometimes, it is even impossible for an employee to handle customers because they are also busy with other tasks. Therefore, having a robot would be very helpful in organizing and disseminating workload among employees.


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