Reason To Give BPA Free Customized Water Bottles In Your Event

Reason To Give BPA Free Customized Water Bottles In Your Event

Promotional products hold a lot of importance in serving the marketing goals of a business. In this article, we will look at important reasons why you should incorporate custom water bottles in your upcoming corporate event.

How customized water bottles serve in business promotion?

Custom Water Bottles are portable water containers that are engraved with the company logo and other information. It is a promotional product that is given to customers to enhance business visibility.

Benefits of using BPA free water bottles


One of the most important advantages of using a BPA-free customized water bottle is that they serve are super beneficial. Water bottles enable customers to bring water wherever they go.

If you looking to hand out printed promotional bottles in your next corporate event, then choose Custom Earth Promos. This is a leading company that specializes in manufacturing eco-friendly products for businesses to boost their marketing efforts.

BPA is a short-form for bisphenol A. It is a risky industrial chemical that gets added to products made in plastic to stabilize their temperature. A business that hands out BPA free water bottles as freebies shows that it is concerned with the health of people, and gives importance to adopting eco-friendly products.

Highly customized

In addition to being usefulness, BPA safe water bottles are designed to be highly customizable. Companies can order these bottles in bulk to match it to the logo color of the company.

Customized water bottles come in various different sizes. So, depending on the amount of water you need to carry, you can decide the right size of the bottle. Following are the sizes in which BPA free water bottles are available:

  • 16 oz.
  • 20 oz.
  • 21 oz.
  • 24 oz.
  • 25 oz.
  • 28 oz.
  • 32 oz.

Variety of types

BPA free water bottles come in various different types to choose from. Some of the commonly available varieties that you can consider based on your use are:

  • Sports bottles
  • Sipper lid bottles
  • Collapsible bottles
  • Water bags
  • Easy squeeze bottles
  • PET water bottles
  • Poly-clean bottles
  • Aluminum water bottles

Appeals to Everybody

Water bottles have a worldwide appeal. Whether you are old, or young, you would definitely appreciate being offered a freebie as a reusable and healthy water bottle. These water bottles are also safe for kids, and they can carry it to school. Adults can even take them to the workplace in place of using disposable bottles.

Induces an Eco-Friendly Image

These days, it is significant for the company to plan a sense of ecological consciousness to prospective customers. It is a great means to advertise the company via customized water bottles.

People often perceive reusable water bottles as eco-friendly. Linking advertising products with the green movement is a good way to add value, and relevance to the brand.

When you hand out reusable water bottles, then it motivates the customer to bring their water bottles. This reduces buying plastic items and throwing them that ultimately protects the environment.


All these convincing reasons make it quite evident that BPA free water bottles serve as an impactful and eco-friendly way for business promotion.


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