Our Ultimate Guide for Your First International Flight to Dubai

Our Ultimate Guide for Your First International Flight to Dubai

When you start budgeting for going somewhere, the cost of the flight ticket usually takes up quite a big part of the expense. Although there are some ways by which you can try to reduce the cost of tickets. So if you are planning on taking an international flight to Dubai, then you can find some tips to reduce the price you pay for the ticket.

Try To Find Tickets intheMid-Week-

Usually, the airlines always keep changing their fares, many times in the week.So, when you book Mumbai to Dubai flights, try to go for the mid-week. On weekends, the ticket prices shoot up, that is why booking during the mid-week becomes much cheaper. It’s generally on Wednesdays and Tuesdays that the prices stay a little low. Also, flying during the nighttime might reduce the cost of your ticket.

Try To Look For Price Protectors-

Try to book tickets from a website which offers a guarantee for a price drop. If there is a price drop in your ticket after making a purchase, then you will also get some credit back. This way, you will get the best price for the ticket.

Try and Split Your Ticket Booking-

Splitting always reduces the price. So same way when you split the price of a ticket, you get cheaper options. As by booking individually, you get to know about deals which are less expensive. But if you go in to buy for a five-member party, then you might not even get to know about the more competitivedeals.

Go During the Quiet Time of Year-

Summer is the time of the year when Dubai has fewer visitors as the Dubai heat is not something that everyone can take. But visiting Dubai during summers shouldn’t be an issue as there are so many other things you can do which activities are indoors with air-conditioners. Hence, if you can manage the heat, then visiting Dubai during this time would be a little cheaper.

The other absolute cheapest season to travel to Dubai is while Ramadan. Ramadan is a time when people fast and pray. So you will not find many hotels and restaurants available during this time. People usually enjoy their festive season. Public shows, concerts, and many other things get postponed. But if you can adjust with these issues, then you can see a much cheaper side of Dubai. Even Mumbai to Dubai flights get cheaper. But if you are still not convinced, then the last option you have is September. During the September month, the price is relatively low, and the heat is also bearable.But the absolute best season to visit Dubai is during the winter season from November to April.

Enjoy the fantastic culture and food in the rich city of Dubai!


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