AWS signature format and advantage

AWS signature format and advantage

The signature of your envelope can be optional at the time of the deposit, but it will be obligatory at the time of the attribution.


Following an evolution of the ORACLE policy, the use of JAVA applets (JRE) and the Java Web Start protocol will gradually be banned.

AWS anticipated this scheduled shutdown by the end of 2020 and has developed a new version of AWS Signature. It is an innovative component that completely eliminates the need for internet browsers and the commercial strategy of ORACLE.

Currently in the final qualification phase, we have put our prototype online for free use. It allows in a first time to sign your folds. Eventually, the encryption features in the deposit and opening phase will be added.

The advantages of this component over AWS SIGNATURE are:

  • No dependency on the version of JAVA
  • No dependency or compatibility problem with browsers
  • Works under all operating systems (in this version only on Windows).
  • Except for the installation part on your workstation, its use is identical to AWS SIGNATURE.

Download and run the component installation file:

  • Windows – aws-setup64.exe
  • Select your desired get digital signature format:
  • Signature CAdES Signature PAdES
  • Your opinion and / or your feedback on the use, the operation of this new component interests us:


AWS-Signature is a free online signature utility available to all.

AWS-Signature requires Java 1.7+ on your workstation, which currently requires Firefox or Internet Explorer

Warning: If you are on Mac, it is possible that our Java applets are not running check the conditions general use of the platform.


1 – To sign your entire folder in one operation, drag-and-drop your global folder, even if it contains subfolders, from the Windows file explorer in the window. AWS-Signature.

2 – Select the parts to be signed (make simple, select all!)

3 – At the bottom of the gray area, make “Sign the selection”

4 – Your “certificate store” will open, click on your certificate, give your pin code.

Caution RGS ** certificates must be connected to a USB port on your PC.

The signature of the files starts and your files will be signed directly in their Windows Explorer folder.

Signature format

It may happen that the buyer wants a specific signature format to avoid having to materialize at the end of the chain.

Check if the buyer’s RC recommends or imposes a file format and signature standard.

There are 3 signature formats (CADES, PADES, and XADES):

  • The PADES format only applies to Acrobat documents, as an attached signature (only one file)
  • The CADES format applies to all formats (Word , Excel, Acrobat), in disjointed signature (2 files)
  • -Signature CAdES Signature PAdES

If you have subcontractors, make sure that the sequence of your successive signatures does not self-destruct. If a subcontractor has signed your documents in CADES (disjoint signature), all the following signatures must be in CADES, and otherwise you risk destroying the previous signatures!!

Note that if you sign a batch of Acrobat and Word or Excel documents with the PADES signature utility, the Acrobat files will be signed in PADES (attached signature), the others will cause an error. If necessary, make an Acrobat package and other files package.

Other notes associated with the theme of the signature:

  • Management of the co-signature of documents “pdf” with Acrobat Reader
  • Management of the co-signature of all file formats, with AWS-Signature
  • Installation procedure of the MV Java on your job (prior to AWS-Signature)

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