Know More About cash sweep 2019

Know More About cash sweep 2019

Cash Sweep is one of the popular lottos in Malaysia. This is evident from the way the Malaysians and other nationals in this territory search for cash sweep live result in 2019. Yes, this game has 3-draws and the possibility to win a prize is more than the other number of games present in this country. Many poor and labor class people have improved their living standards through Cash Sweep 3D lotto. Here, we have discussed this 3D game, its prize tire, game rules and how to check Cash Sweep results offline and online.

Cash Sweep Info

Natural Avenue Sdn Bhd is the authorized agency to circulate Cash Sweep in Malaysia. Initially, it got permission to start as a luck game in Sarawak Region. This is a famous 3-digit or 3D game in Malaysia. This game offers big and small deals. The small bet has larger chances to win prizes than the big one. Here the number combination is seen to win a prize. Your 3D lot must match the draw number. If a prize is there, you can claim the prize from the agencies and the STS office. The lotto enthusiast must note that the Cash Sweep lotto comes under income tax. Therefore, the prizewinner will get their prize money with a 15% deduction of income tax.

Cash Sweep Rules

  • The Cash Sweep is permitted to play by non-Muslims only in Malaysia.
  • He or she must be 21-years and above to buy this luck game.
  • Apart from the Malaysians, the foreign national residing here legally can buy this lotto and try their luck.
  • The prize money must claim by the winner within 90-days from the date of draw.
  • The prize money up to 2000 Ringgit is eligible to claim from any of the authorized 3D lotto agencies in Malaysia.
  • The prize money above 2000 Ringgit is eligible to claim from any of the STC office only.

Cash Sweep Prize Tier

  • The 1st prizewinner will get 2,500 Ringgit under Big Bet and 3,500 Ringgit under Small bet.
  • The 2nd prizewinner will get 1,000 Ringgit under Big Bet and 2,000 Ringgit under Small bet.
  • The 3rd prizewinner will get 500 Ringgit under Big Bet and 1,000 Ringgit under Small bet.
  • Special prize of 180 Ringgit is there for Big bet only.
  • The Consolation prize of 60 Ringgit is there for Big bet only.

Cash Sweep Draw Dates

  • Wednesday 07:00 PM
  • Thursday 07:00 PM
  • Sunday 07:00 PM

Cash Sweep live result is announced weekly thrice on the above-mentioned dates. The draw takes place in the STC office in Kuching, Sarawak.

Check Cash Sweep Result Offline

The Cash Sweep buyers can check the weekly results from any of the authorized dealers of this 3D game. You can find many such agencies in and around Sarawak Region, Malaysia.

Check Cash Sweep Result Online

There are many trusted online lotto websites in Malaysia. They do update the Cash Sweep live result online. You can check them from your Smartphone, laptop, and computer. Yet, you cannot buy 3D online. Those lotto online channels are informative websites only.


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