How Mainframe Customs used Expivi’s 3d configurator software to boost sales

How Mainframe Customs used Expivi’s 3d configurator software to boost sales

If your company already has its online store, you can think about improving it to sell more effectively and meet the expectations of potential customers. One of the most exciting solutions which attract customers is the 3D configurator.

3d product configurator is a three-dimensional visualization that allows future customers to see the product as it is in real life. Products, meanwhile, can be rotated and viewed from all sides. Many people who want to add another convenience to their online store wonder how to make an e-commerce configurator that will meet users’ requirements.

A product configurator can be an additional tool in our online store. It works using the latest technology.

For example, Mainframe Customs used the 3d configurator by Expivi to increase sales. The company believes that customers are no longer satisfied with images – they must experience the product before buying it. So Mainframe Customs decided to incorporate 3D technology to expand their marketing capabilities. The main benefits the brand gained were:

● increased customer engagement

● ability to demonstrate the uniqueness of the product (e.g., actual colors, texture, etc.)

● increased conversions

● lower return rates

Why invest in a 3D configurator for your online store?

In internet marketing and e-commerce, 3D product configurators are a relatively recent trend. The rapid development of WebGL browser technology, which allows you to render 3D visuals directly on users’ web pages, made it feasible to create such online apps.

First of all – you will meet the expectations of customers. Nowadays, the customer has very different expectations than before. In the past, a person interested in a particular purchase would seek help from a specialist who would create a product tailored to their specific requirements. However, the industrial age has turned everything upside down, and all products have become mass-produced.

Second, such a solution brings several benefits to the enterprise:

  • Increased sales efficiency

  • Reducing the time of decision-making by the client

  • Reducing the time of interaction between the seller and the client

  • Decrease of expenses for target audience attraction

  • Customers can independently choose the configuration and profile of the goods, find out the price in real-time, and get information without the help of assistants

  • Interactive demonstration of a wide range of possible products, goods, and services of the manufacturer

  • Ability to gain additional prestige in the eyes of customers and competitors

  • It is attracting additional traffic from potential clients to the company’s website


From a marketing point of view, the introduction of a 3d product customizer

 – is a big step. The 3D and AR features can increase user engagement and make buying more interactive. This is what Mainframe Customs is using. This tool significantly increases sales and consumer interest in the brand.

Customers can see what a product would look like in real life before they buy it. With 3D modeling, potential Mainframe Customs customers can see if the product is correct.

More and more brands worldwide are willing to try implementing this tool to see tangible results in user experience, engagement, and sales.


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