Why It Pays to Go in for a Big Screen Phone

Why It Pays to Go in for a Big Screen Phone

When looking at your phone screen, size does matter and yes, bigger is definitely better! After all, gone are the days when you use your phone just to make and receive calls and send the occasional text. Today, it is your go-to device for almost anything and everything. There is nothing you cannot do with a phone so you certainly need a big screen one if you plan on carrying out the activities you perform on it.

Panasonic’s Eluga I9 is a sleek, smart phone comes with a 12.7cm (5) HD IPS display. Its vivid display and large screen ensuresthe device presents everything in precise detail and in the most pleasing way possible.Besides this, it comes with 2.5D curved screen. This ensures all of the images and text you see is not only aesthetically pleasing but the screen is also tough enough to withstand scratches and falls. All in all, a large screen makes it easy to do the following things.

Watching a movie is never easier

With the wide availability of video streaming apps available, no one can escape the clutches of bingewatching their favorite shows and preferred videos. A large screen makes the viewing process so much easier to manage. Also, let’s face it; no one goes to the movies for the overpriced popcorn but for the giant screen. Having a big screen phone serves this purpose every day, in the best way possible.

Editing and using productivity apps is a breeze

For working professionals, these phones can prove to be particularly handy because it gives them the ability to view more and so do more. With alarger smartphone screen size,it is much more effortless to view as well as editdocuments and even utilize productivity apps such as Email, calendar,presentations and documents. This ensures you do not haveto log on to your laptop or PC to send an urgent email or make changes to a particular document. You can do this from your smartphone itself.

Multitasking becomes really trouble-free to manage

Eluga I9 reviews lay great emphasis on its sturdy and huge screen and how it is a boon for users who love to carry out various tasks simultaneously. Business users can effectively multitask with the help of multiple windows so that two apps can be checked out at the same time. For instance, you can view a video or a map and even text or respond to emails in the same breath.

It’s great for thorough entertainment

When you are looking at this Panasonic mobile, you can surely expect unadulterated entertainment. The big screen view of the device makes it easy to capture photos and make videos. Although a larger display does not improve the pixel quality of the images, it certainly enhances composition. You can also seamlessly video chat with friends, family and coworkers. Playing games is also fun since it also means your accuracy improves.

So there you go, big screens do have a greater edge over the others. Whether it is with the keyboard or closely packed URL options, having things that are morespread out rather than crammed up together certainly wins any day. A bigger screen also means a bigger battery. The I9 comes with a 2500mAh battery that offers 8 hours of video playback support so you can watch your favorite movies and TV series in an uninterrupted manner.

So what are you waiting for? Go head to a store right away and check out whether the big screen smartphone is your cup of tea or not. Trust us when we say that in all probability it will be.


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