Which is the most accurate thermometer?

Which is the most accurate thermometer?

The thermometer for kids comes in a variety of designs, styles and can be categorized very well based on their functions. It is the responsibility of the parents to pick the best baby thermometer   for their kids.

Here are some of the types of thermometer that you can choose from, for your babies!

● Digital thermometers – The regular digital ones use electronic heat sensors to record the temperature of the body. These are the ones that can be used in the mouth, armpit or the rectum. Armpit temperatures are usually the least accurate ones. Rectal temperatures are the ones that provide one of the most amazing and accurate readings for infants. If you’re planning to use the digital thermometer, then take readings from both oral and rectal temperatures as you’ll need an accurate reading for your baby. Don’t use the same thermometers in the same places for hygiene issues. There are most digital thermometers that can easily record temperatures from the mouth or the armpits or the rectum in a minute or less. This is one of such thermometers which is appropriate for infants, newborns, and adults as well. You will have to wait for around 15 minutes after drinking or eating to take an oral temperature of your babies. Otherwise, the drink or food might affect your testing or readings. It might be difficult for the children or even the adults who breathe through the thermometer during the oral readings.

●  Digital ear thermometers – These are also known as the tympanic thermometers. These often use infrared rays to measure the temperature inside the ear canal of the baby. When it is positioned properly, the digital ear thermometer is quite quick and comfortable for the adults as well as children. These are totally appropriate for the kids who generally are older than six months. These are not recommended for newborns, because the curved ear canal or the earwax or tiny ears might interfere with the accuracy of the temperature that’s taken with this thermometer.

●  Digital pacifier thermometers – In case your child is using a pacifier, you might want a digital one. All your baby needs to do is suck on the pacifier till the temperature is recorded. Your baby may not even realize that you’re taking or checking the temperature. These are again not recommended for newborns. If you want the most accurate reading of the same, your child must hold the pacifier still in its mouth for around three to five minutes i.e. very difficult for babies and young children. As per the recent research, these thermometers don’t support the accuracy of the readings.

● Temporal artery thermometers – These are also sold as the forehead thermometers because an infrared scanner is used to measure the temperature of the temporal artery on the forehead. These can easily record a person’s temperature quickly without wasting any time. It can be easily tolerated as well. These are appropriate for the infants but not for the newborns. You can also use it for the older children as it provides the most accurate readings for the newborns.

Now, it is up to you to choose the best baby thermometer for you!

Choose wisely!


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