Choosing the Most Productive Golf Course Mowers With These Tips

Choosing the Most Productive Golf Course Mowers With These Tips

When it comes to maintain the large area of a golf course, we need powerful and productive equipment that can work perfectly and faster. Turf mowing is the primary requirement of every golf course. Lush green wide stretch is the center of attraction in all golf courses but keeping them green is a big challenge. You need the right mowing , dethatching, aeration and irrigation equipment. For these tasks, you need a reliable company that provides every equipment with quality assurance. Currently, Toro is among the leading and trustworthy company present in the market for turf equipment. Toro golf course mowers are popular globally because of their customizability, power and comfort for user. Before elaborating on it, you must be aware of some features to expect in mowing equipment. There are some technical specifications to consider as we are mentioning below.

Tips to choose golf course mowers

  • Consider both reel and rotary mowers

In your personal garden property, a manual reel mower with single attachment is enough to execute all mowing tasks. However, the scenario with a golf course is something different. It has multiple areas to manage with different lengths of grass. For instance, tees and fairways need low length mowing whereas roughs must be taller. When it comes to the work of precision in fairways or tees, you need reel mowers. Although their speed of working is slow, but, the level of perfection is only attainable with reel blades. On the other hand, the rough area grass is taller where you can work faster with a rotary mower.

  • Attachment options

Make sure that the mowing equipment you are buying has multiple options of customization. It is a one-time investment, therefore, choose a Toro golf course equipment that has options of 5 attachments. According to the width of area, you should add or remove the blades.

  • Comfort for operator

A golf course occupy around 60 hectares of land which is much larger than your private garden or even the community park. Manual mowers works when you walk forward holding the handle. It is not possible to walk throughout the entire golf course for mowing. Buy a mowing equipment that has comfortable seating facility for the operator along with a cool top canopy.

  • Blades quality

The quality of blades is also a significant factor to consider because inferior blade attachments can damage the turf. Make sure that if the mower is of toro company, its attachments must also be of the same brand. When a reel mower or rotary mower blade rotates, the roots of turf are vulnerable.

Why Choose Toro Golf Course Equipment?

Toro is a dedicated brand name especially meant for manufacturing golf course equipment. From mowing to irrigation, you need special machinery that works perfectly. Equipment made with prior experience comprises better productivity which is the main reason to prefer Toro. this company is manufacturing turf equipment for more than 100 years. In this long period of time, countless improvements occurred in the designs and functioning. The latest models of turf equipment for sale comes with more perfection. Moreover, their spare parts are also easily available online or in authorized stores.

A golf course becomes forest if you are not mowing it timely. Compromising with the quality of mowing means putting your turf on risk. Not only for cosmetic work, but adequate length of turf is also necessary for playing conveniently. Before buying, talk to their front desk help representatives to guide with the right choice according to your expectations.


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