SEO Tips: Risks To Take And Risks To Avoid

SEO Tips: Risks To Take And Risks To Avoid

When doing business, there are several risks you need to take in order to achieve success. Especially for upstarts, trial-and-error situations are hard to be avoided. Luckily, you don’t have to be kept in the dark when it comes to search engine optimization. Thanks to agencies and firms like a Washington DC SEO company, you can get professional help for all your SEO concerns.

But even though the best practices for SEO were already identified by industry experts, it is no secret that many businesses still commit SEO mistakes and take risks that should have been avoided. In this feature, we are giving you a comprehensive guide on the risks you need to take and those you need to steer clear from.

What to take

Have you encountered any of these recommendations from your SEO staff or from a Washington DC SEO company? Read on and take note why they are risks worth taking.

Improving your site’s URL structure

Keep this in mind: URLs are more effective and SEO-friendly if they are short and easily remembered. If you have messy URLs, consider enhancing them to make it more simple.

Getting quality backlinks

One of the many SEO goals of a business is to acquire high-quality backlinks or incoming links to a particular webpage. This can help establish credibility and authority for your site.

Doing a holistic redesigning

Help enhance the user experience by overhauling the design of your website. Consider applying a new holistic design for your site if most of its usability metrics are steadily declining.

Subjecting meta information to an A/B test

To make sure your meta title and description are fully optimized, you might want to do an A/B testing on them. Try out different combinations on different pages and analyze which one works best for your site.

Buying available website domains

Taking this risk will help your site gain some valuable backlinks. This can ultimately boost your SEO ranking. Just make sure the domain you are buying is related to your business.

What to avoid

While there are risks that generate amazing results, there exist their counterparts that should be outrightly avoided.

Disallowing backlinks that are neutral

Of course, you would want to have back links that are of high quality and disavow the low-quality ones. But if they’re not considered by Google as bad back links, it is better to just retain them on your site.

Deleting your site’s content

By deleting a page or a content, you will take the risk of deleting the keyword is has previously ranked for. Consider retaining them, but make sure to redirect them to updated content.

Frequently making minute SEO adjustments

Don’t attempt to raise red flags for Google by making minute SEO changes every now and then. Doing so will only make your site look suspicious.

Making poor doorway pages

As a rule, SEO experts avoid doorway pages — or those pages specifically made to rank high for narrowed-down search inquiries. The reason? Google is not much of a fan of this technique. Your site will most likely get penalized if you do so.

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