Reasons why SEO is important for Business

Reasons why SEO is important for Business

There are many reasons why businesses need SEO.  However, many business owners don’t even know what SEO stands for.  SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by SEO Agencies to get your website to the top of search engines.  You want to be at the top because nobody gets seen on page 2. Get your business noticed for all the great services or products you offer.

  1.  Best Reach
  2. Best Potential for a Conversion or Sale
  3. Best Exposure for Brand Awareness

1. Best Reach

For whatever reason people trust the search engine results.  Yes, this may sound crazy but some people even think that if you are in the map’s area of the search you are somehow the best of the bunch.  However, that simply is not the case and the way they are at the top of the search engines or the top of the maps is because they are doing proper SEO.  Proper SEO will help your site rank at the top of the listings so that your products and services are right there, ready to go.

2.  Best Potential for Conversion or Sale

This is should be a pretty obvious one, since, you are now getting more exposure by being on page one.  Once you are on page one, then you will be getting more clicks, hopefully. If your website is ranking really well but it is not converting then you might have other issues to address.  Things such as where the traffic going once they land on your page. This is important to pay attention to. If you are getting traffic and this is easy to track on your Google. Or there are other methods as well.  But, find a way to track the traffic and if you are not getting near the same number of conversions, then you need to take a deeper look.

There are many ways that you can take a deeper look.  Most of the time the web developer can install a bit of software that will track the actions of the visitors.  This can be really insightful on what might need to be moved around and changed. Sometimes it is a simple thing, such a button placement or even color.  Once you are getting traffic, you can then focus on the conversions of your traffic. This is where the sales come from.

3. Best Exposure for Brand Awareness

We have already mentioned how some people trust what is served up in the search engines.  Well, that means if they see your name come up under all kinds of various terms that are related to your company, they will see you as an authoritative figure for your industry.   This means that you are building trust with people in the local community or in your industry. If you are a local company, this can be really helpful in getting more local clients.  If you are a national company, this can be a huge advantage for you as well. With proper SEO, your website will become your sales page, your reputation and will represent your brand. The colors and logo are important to match everything else you have.   This will make a solid brand.


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