Never used a money transfer app? Do it now

Never used a money transfer app? Do it now

Payment apps ease your financial life in so many different ways. This article takes a look at why you should start using payment apps instead of cards or cash.

Though money does not buy happiness, you need it to buy everything else! Whether paying your bills or shopping for a car, the accepted payment mode is currency in the form of cash or digital transactions. Over the years, however, there has been a rise in financial crimes targeting people like you, who use cards and cash to pay for their purchases.

It is time to shift to a safer, better payment mode known as the money transfer app.

Your cards or cash are vulnerable to theft…

Every time you step out of doors with your wallet in your hand or bag, you are vulnerable to prying eyes or hands trying to make off with your money and cards. It happens to a lot of people – their cash gets filched without them noticing, or their wallets are stolen and they are left with no cards or coins to even get home.

It is not necessary that your money is stolen only when your wallet is flicked. There are rising cases of debit or credit cards being cloned, or of PINs being stolen and money removed directly from bank accounts, never to be seen again. Not all banks are able to provide the utmost online security to their customers, so there is always the chance that your PIN or account information may be stolen by miscreants.

Users also compound the problem by using unsecured open Wi-Fi connections when banking or using their cards online. They may also inadvertently use ATMs or punch in the PIN on cloned number pads that steal the information and use it for online theft.

So what’s to be done? Here’s what you can do – use money transfer app to effect all digital transactions instead of using cards.

The myAirtel app advantage

Mobile money transfer apps are amongst the most downloaded ones on smartphones, on both the iOS and Android platforms. They offer a seamless, simple and secure interface to make and receive payments online, without having to use card information every time. They are linked directly to the bank account and extract funds from there. However, money transfer apps like myAirtel also offer a separate savings account functionality with the Airtel Payments Bank. It is a secure repository for your money without compromising your bank details. The 10-digit Airtel phone number is the bank account number.

The myAirtel app lets you shop, pay your phone and broadband Internet bills, recharge your prepaid and DTH connections, and pay utility bills online. Meanwhile, it provides a secure platform to transfer money to your contacts, shop online, book tickets and bank – all this, with the added incentive of cash back offers and fabulous discounts every time you use the myAirtel app to transact online.

The best part is, your card information is fully secured against theft by miscreants. In fact, you need just your smartphone to pay online with the myAirtel money transfer app to help. If you’ve never used money transfer apps before, now’s a good time to make your start with the myAirtel app.


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