How To Plan Your Own Outdoor Concert

How To Plan Your Own Outdoor Concert

Would you like to throw your own outdoor concert? You can plan one for you and your friends to play on, or branch out and invite some local and regional bands. Either way, this is a project you can take on with some good planning and organizational skills.

Number One – The Venue

There’s no concert without a venue. You can rent a private venue or go with a public space such as a park. Public spaces require permits, so make sure you talk to the proper authorities, municipal, state, or federal, and get all the permission forms filled out. You will need a backup plan for rain. If the venue has a pavilion or other covered structure, check to see if you can use it. If not, you will need to rent some type of tent or awning.

Number Two – The Music

If this is a show starring you, well and good. If you want to invite others to join, extend those invitations as soon as you have the date and the venue locked down. Be clear on contracts. Is this a free gig? Are you selling tickets and each band gets a percentage? Can the bands sell merch to earn extra? Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver and have everyone agree to and sign a contract.

Number Three – The Extras

Now you should book the extra help. You will need ticket sellers and takers, concessions, and security. Tickets can potentially be handled by friends or fans and concessions can be run by a local restaurant, store, or deli. Security, however, must be strictly professional. There can be serious liability issues if the concert gets rowdy and you didn’t have proper security guard services New Orleans on the premises.

Number Four – The Advertising

If no one knows about your concert, no one will come. It’s that simple. Once the bands have committed, you are ready to publicize. Encourage your artists to advertise on their social media channels. Hopefully they already know to do that, but if not, you can show them how. They should let their fans know where and when they are playing as a matter of course.

Most importantly, know your audience. Figure out what demographic is most likely to attend, and target them with emails, promotional ticket giveaways, social media campaigns, flyers, and posters. If you build the word of mouth among the right audience, they will come.


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