How can YouTube videos be enhanced using thumbnails?

If you are a YouTuber with loads of subscribers or a social media influencer inspiring people to be like you, then you know staying limited to one social media platform is not ideal for you. The more you expand and the more you connect to your audience, you become a popular figure and gain recognition from people of all ages. For all the social media influencers, YouTube is a big platform. So, if you have started on YouTube and you find that there is no significant increase in your subscribers’ count, then you definitely need to expand your horizon.

For a long span of time, YouTube was the largest social media platform. But over the last few years, Facebook overtook YouTube and now the number of active users on Facebook are twice the number of active users on YouTube. So, being limited to YouTube specifically will definitely hamper your growth. The major trick to rule social media is to be equally popular on all the platforms. So, the basic hack trick by following which you can become a social media star is discussed below.

Firstly, upload your content to your YouTube channel. It will naturally be available to all your subscribers. Then share this video on Facebook. To share it on Facebook, you do not need to upload the video again separately. All you have to do is avail the service of an online YouTube to Facebook converter. This service is available for free on many websites. Just visit the website and attach the URL of your YouTube video. In less than a minute, you will receive the new link which you should share on your Facebook timeline.

The converted video is based on Facebook’s guidelines so you can share this link and ask your friends to share it too. On Facebook, there are many who know you personally. So if they share your content, you can reach out to a lot of audiences at once. Also, remember to put up a good thumbnail on your YouTube video. Thumbnails are the first impression that your videos create for your audience. So, choose a thumbnail that is appropriate to the video or upload an image by capturing from the video itself.

The thumbnail size of YouTube and Facebook are not the same. On Facebook, you need bigger thumbnails with better pixel quality for good clarity. So, once you opt for converting the YouTube video for Facebook, do not forget to use the customized YouTube to Facebook thumbnail tool. This tool will customise the thumbnail image as per Facebook’s terms and conditions. You can also avail this service for free from any of the websites providing this tool.

For Facebook also, you can customise and upload an image as a thumbnail which is true to the video’s content or you can use an original capture from the video. As you convert the thumbnail for Facebook, the thumbnail will be bigger in size with a play button attached to it. So, once the audience clicks on it, they can watch the video on Facebook but since it’s a shared video, your YouTube views will keep on increasing organically!

By following this step, you can easily become a social media influencer.


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