Here’s How To Tell If You Got Bent Rims And What To Do About Them

Here’s How To Tell If You Got Bent Rims And What To Do About Them

Bent and damaged rims can occur for a number of reasons. A slight bump on the sidewalk, a fender bender, or driving over a large pothole can result in bent rims. Although most drivers know this, many are still unfamiliar when it comes to the signs of dented and bent rims which results in driving the vehicle despite the damage.

To avoid putting yourself and others at risk by driving with bent rims, try to look out for these common signs of damage to signal if it is time to get refurbished Mercedes wheels:

1 – Visible Damage

Accidents that result in visible rim damage is very serious. There is no denying that the wheel and rims are affected if the damage can be seen. If this is the case, do not drive any further. It is best to call a tow truck to bring the vehicle to the nearest auto shop.

During accidents where another vehicle is involved, do not leave the scene until the police have cleared it as this will affect the insurance claims which you will need to fix the rims.

2 – Vibrations And Shakiness

Bent front rims normally result in the steering wheel vibrating when driving while bent back rims will cause the seats to vibrate. In some cases, damaged back rims will also result in the entire car shaking. Although there are a number of reasons why a car would shake or vibrate at high speeds, all are a cause for concern.

Slowly drive to the nearest repair shop to get the vehicle checked by a mechanic. They will determine whether the car needs refurbished Mercedes wheels as a replacement or not.

3 – Tire/s Losing PSI

Hitting a pothole might not seem like a big deal, but when you find yourself adding air to the wheels twice a month, the rims may have been damaged, affecting the walls of the wheels. If the damage is serious, you may end up finding the tires completely out of air after a couple of hours.

In this instance, the rims will need repairs and the tires might also require changing as they have also sustained damage.

4 – Poor Or Slow Brake Response

Severely damaged rims don’t necessarily affect the car’s ability to brake, but they will pull the car to the side. This sign is not easy to notice, but it becomes more obvious when the brakes are used suddenly. It is very dangerous to continue driving a car with bent rims because it affects the brakes and everyone’s safety.

Responsible Drivers Always Consider Safety Above All Else

Getting the rims checked professionally will ensure that the Mercedes Benz is still safe to drive. A mechanic may find that although the rims look perfect, the accident has caused damages that are invisible on the surface. It is a must to visit the nearest auto shop to get your vehicle fully inspected for signs of damage after an accident.

Never drive a car that shows signs of damage as this puts everyone on the road in danger, not just yourself.

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