2021 Best Seat Cover Fabrics: Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge

2021 Best Seat Cover Fabrics: Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge

If you own a Ford, Chevy or Dodge line of trucks, then your interior upholstery is in for a treat. Whichever your style is classic, retro, luxury, or contemporary, let your personality take charge of selecting interior accents. So, what do seat covers do? If you have an active lifestyle, chances are you encounter some form of mess one way or another. From spilt drinks, dust and grime to mud and soil there’s truly no way to avoid this. However, you can prevent all these with easy to clean seat covers. On the surface, they may offer visual appeal but in-depth analysis reveals a degree of protection unheard of. Save yourself countless dollars in repairs with the best car seat covers we have to offer.

·         Protection from Pets

Pets can also wear your upholstery and to an extent, damage them unknowingly with their claws. From trailing mud and shedding all over the upholstery, pets sure do a number on your interior. Why don’t you equip a set of foam-lined pet seat protectors, and let them ride shotgun with you?

·         All kinds of Spills, and Stains

Piling up those wet bathing suits after a day cooling off under the sun may be insignificant. However, doing this often can leave a permanent stain on your interior. Car seats are damaged by constant exposure to moisture leading to mould formation which is unsightly and embarrassing, to say the least. Thus, if you have an active water life, it is prudent to install waterproof car seat fabrics and protect your interior upholstery from being tarnished by moisture.

·         UV Rays

The sun is grossly incandescent and its rays quite dependable by all organisms. However, when it comes to your car’s interior, this is far from beneficial. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can severely damage your truck’s interior. UV inevitably fades your car seats making them susceptible to wear and tear. Thus, installing UV-treated car seat covers will offer a high degree of protection.

·         Usual Wear

Despite being delicate with entry and exit from your truck, your seats won’t escape friction. Friction is inescapable when it comes to vehicle use and causes seats to fade and crack. Since these trucks are constantly in use, seat covers are the only protective measure you have.

So, without much further ado, let us look at some of the top seat covers for trucks.

1.      Saddle Blanket Seat Covers

For those nostalgic of the old west and who desire the country look, saddle blanket seat covers are ideal. As the name suggests, it’s the blanket that was placed on a horse before the saddle for added comfort. These provide ample protection to your interior upholstery. The perfect combination for your truck, these seat liners greatly transform your interior upholstery. Moreover, the textile fabric is easier to clean, simply hand wash and drip dry.

2.      Camo Seat Covers

Are you an adept hunter of the great outdoors? Perhaps even a veteran soldier at heart? Or maybe the urban mercenary? Whichever the personality that best describes your inner warrior, camo seat covers ought to match your specs. Camouflage fabric’s visual aesthetics comes in many patterns and colour designs, from traditional to modern digital prints. The superiority of this non-woven polyester comes from its breathability perk. Besides, they are easy to clean given their waterproof ability and are durable.

3.      Neosupreme Seat Covers

Neosupreme fabric is naturally water-resistant and highly durable against the elements. Additionally, the fabric is tensile, able to fit snuggly to any seat given the measurement. Neosupreme’s waterproof ability in addition to other qualities, make it suitable for designing scuba suits and wetsuits. They provide comfort and protect your interior upholstery with their superior durability.

In conclusion, seat covers breathe into your boring lifeless seats. These add new style and offer a high degree of protection against wear and tear and the elements. Owning a truck means it’ll constantly face use and to an extent abuse. However, a seat cover made from durable fabric will keep you covered.


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