Why You Need to Complete a Driving Record Check on New Hires

Why You Need to Complete a Driving Record Check on New Hires

Any business that is looking to grow and succeed will need to hire a quality team of employees. While a quality employee can be a very valuable asset to an organization, a bad hire can set the company back and even set them up for liability risks. Organizations that would like to grow should complete full diligence on all potential new hires. All companies should complete a driving record check on their new team members. There are several reasons you should have one of these checks and reports completed when hiring someone new.

Confirm Employees are Able to Drive

When you are going to hire a new employee that will need to drive any type of vehicle, you will want to ensure that they are legally licensed to do so. There are many jobs out there that will require someone to drive a commercial vehicle for at least a portion of the job. If you are going to put your trust in someone that needs to get behind the wheel, you need to at least confirm that they are in good standing with the law and have a valid commercial drivers license. This will be confirmed during the driving check.

See Past Driving Records

Beyond knowing that the applicant is able to drive a vehicle and in compliance with the law, you will also want to know that they are a good driver. While accidents do happen from time to time, hiring someone that has a lengthy history of accidents, moving violations and more serious driving offenses should be a concern. Having the driving record checks completed can help to ensure that the person you are entrusting the vehicles with is an experienced and trustworthy driver. 

Liability Mitigation

Completing proper checks on drivers can help to reduce your overall liability risk. If you have employees that are going to be driving your vehicles on a regular basis, there is always a chance that they could cause an accident that results in damages. While there will always be liability associated with commercial drivers and vehicles, companies that do not complete thorough checks on their drivers could face additional liability claims. This could even include negligence if you do not complete a full background check on someone that has a spotty record and later causes an accident that results in damages. 

Protect Reputation of Company

When you are diligent about whom you hire, it can also help to protect the reputation of your company. If you are not careful and hire individuals that put the rest of your staff members, customers, and company assets at risk, it could hurt your reputation in your industry. This risk can be avoided if you continue to be careful about whom you hire and complete all necessary background and driving checks on new team members. 

Reduce Insurance Costs

Taking out a commercial insurance policy is a good investment for any business. It will also be required by law if your company owns and operates any commercial vehicles. Insurance companies that provide commercial policies will take all necessary steps to understand your best practices to reduce risk. If your company has a good overall driving history, and you do the necessary work to validate the driving record of new employees, it could help to manage your commercial insurance rates as it will reduce risk to the insurance provider. 

Anytime you are going to hire someone new to your company, completing all necessary diligence is very important. A driving record check should be considered an important part of your overall hiring process. There are a few reasons why a driving record check is important and should be completed as part of your entire background check process.


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