Finding the right business school!

Finding the right business school!

After clearing any management entrance test, the candidates need to pick their preferred B-School to apply for admissions. From picking a new dress to buying a new car, ultimately what aspirants invest depends on what factors are most important to them. Drawing parallels from these analogies, there are some archetypal attributes a potential candidate should have in mind while selecting a management school for a Masters in Business Administration. Let’s have a look at them.

Job placement and career opportunities

It is important to evaluate if your Target B-Schools are well-positioned to help advance your career goals and vision. Before making a choice, check what are the average placements over the years in the B-school? Which MBA program gets higher Placement? Who are the top recruiters? Talk to alumni about their experience with the career services team, and review the program’s career and employment report. Make sure to look beyond starting salaries and closely examine career statistics and recruiter data.

Cost and location

For many, the decision starts and ends with the cost of tuition. The decision of whether to relocate also plays a large part in the decision-making process. it will be better to compare the fee structures of different B-schools and the benefits of learning arising out of it before finalizing your MBA admission decision. Many major cities around the world are known for a higher cost of living, but there are locations where opportunities and quality of life are just as good and come without the heavy price tag.

Inspiring faculty

A good business school will attract the most qualified and talented teachers and researchers from around the globe. This top talent will have the knowledge and experience to effectively teach aspiring business leaders. This factor plays a vital role in selecting any business school. How approachable the faculty is, the curriculum, the flexibility and the viable scope of the course in real-life situations are necessary points to keep in mind while narrowing down your dream school.


Flexibility is important for students who are already working or have other commitments and responsibilities. If you are one of those people, then you should consider business schools that offer programs that require less on-campus time, part-time studies, or distance learning programs. Some of the best b school in bangalore for mba provides great flexibility.


While rankings serve as a great data point to compare Business schools against each other, they should be used with a bit of caution. Different publications and online outlets have their own different rankings. The reputation of an institution takes the cake each time. Students tend to look at the MBA program and university rankings, alumni and their accomplishments, and word-of-mouth opinion to judge the grad school’s prestige. There are many prestigious and good b schools in bangalore.

it is not the paint on the walls but the people, their words of wisdom, an environment of rich experience and the life lessons they provide that adds vibrancy to a B school and makes it the best ‘A’ grade B school! The MBA candidates should analyze the aforementioned factors to choose a management school that best suits them and brings out the best of their capabilities. The candidates can also check the top management colleges to make an informed decision.


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