Engage everyone with golf

Engage everyone with golf

As we know that everyone gets bored by going to parties or weddings which does not belong to you. So the best way to entertain your guests by playing them with golf. You will come to know how to play golf. You will get golf clubs, balls, scorecards and many more things which should be provided to the players. The crazy golf course will also provide assistance which will attend your guest and tell them the rules related to the game. It will include each and every member of the party and competition will also be played within them. This competition will create an enthusiasm within the players to win. If they are not interested in playing, they will enjoy the game by seeing. Everyone gets excited and will not get bored.

Mini golf courses for weddings

If you want to entertain everyone, the crazy golf course provides various facilities between the morning snacks and even in the evening. You can play this golf with the members and entertain everyone so that they should not get bored while attending a wedding. There are various facilities which make your wedding special like the flower arrangement on the route according to the theme of yours. It would be according to the bridal themes.

The holes

There are different holes which are most probably 12ft long by 2ft wide. There are different sizes as some are shaped, some squares, and some half-sized. There are different facilities according to which we even design them according to our wishes.

Some rules for golf

  • The people should not stand more than six on the hole.
  • The shot limit is 6 for one hole.
  • If the ball goes out of the course, then the player has to change the ball with a penalty.
  • Every player should play one shot before the second shot start.

Portable golf for business clients

Even you can get the best design according to you. You can even challenge your business persons to play with you, and you can win the game. It would be very helpful to get promotions and many more things you wished to get. It can be hard, or it can easily. It is up to you which difficulty you want to give and to whom. This is the best way to tell the clients you are best in one of the famous games by challenging them.

Crazy golf branding options

If you are crazy to play the game, you can get scorecards and golf balls which would have couples name as well as the wedding date. You can even design the court as you wish. It is the best way to entertain yourself in boring parties and weddings.


There are many ways to entertain your guest but the most wonderful way to entertain your guests at the parties as well as at weddings. As people come to the party, but they don’t know anyone other than you. So they get bored as you always tied in some work. So you can play golf and entertain yourself.


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