Different Health Benefits of Zeolite in Eliminating Molds

Different Health Benefits of Zeolite in Eliminating Molds

The presence of excessive moisture in the air gives birth to mold, which is a variety of fungus that can be harmful to human health. Hence, it is essential to free residential places from this excess humidity, for which packs of Zeolite mold can be the best solution.  Zeolite is a natural product that acts as a purifier and eliminates all bad odors, dampness, and stuffiness from a room. It can be also used in a cupboard, to free the space from molds and mildew that can harm the stored books, clothes, and other materials.

Notable merits of using Zeolite for absorbing molds

100% natural product – Zeolite is a natural combination of silicon, aluminum, and oxygen, which is available in volcanic rocks. These aluminosilicate molecules are microporous, with several inner cavities and channels.  Hence, there is no risk of any side effect from this mineral and it is absolutely safe for the surrounding environment as well.

Absorbs all odors – Normally, room fresheners cover up the foul smells with a pleasant odor. However, Zeolite molecules can absorb smelly gases, like ammonia, methane, formaldehyde, and some other forms of hydrocarbons. Thus, that space becomes free from all foul smells, leaving only fresh air for comfortable inhalation.

Provides absolute safety – Apart from soaking bad smells, all types of smokes and odorless gases, like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are also absorbed by small packs of Zeolite.  Therefore, the air of a room can be freed from all harmful gases that can suffocate a person or damage his respiratory system. So Zeolite makes the air safer for inhalation, which is essential for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory ailments.

Reduces the growth of molds – As most of the bacteria and fungi thrive well in the humid air, Zeolite can help in preventing their growth to a huge extent. As it makes the air completely dry, these microorganisms cannot live in that space. So the numbers of mildew, molds, and bacteria decrease very fast in this dry atmosphere, due to the action of Zeolite. People allergic to molds are benefitted from the use of this mineral, as they do not need to inhale mold particles that die out in dry air.

Long-lasting actions – The packs of Zeolite mold can last more than 2 years, as this material can be easily regenerated by placing in the sunlight. The internal cavities become full of absorbed moisture and gases, which are emptied only by facing the warmth of the direct sun’s rays. Thus, it is more cost-effective than other room fresheners, as it can be used again and again. Due to its performance similar to an air-conditioner, it reduces the necessity of switching on this appliance for drying the room air, thus saving energy and money. No other maintenance is needed for the desired durability of this material.

There are different sizes of Zeolite packs available in the market, which are applied according to the size of the space where air needs to be freshened. People use this material in their offices, warehouses, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and vehicles. Many restaurants, motels, and luxury cruises also use this air purifying mineral, for making the environment more comfortable for their customers.


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