3 Video Downloading Android Apps You Can Download for Free

3 Video Downloading Android Apps You Can Download for Free

All of us would love to catch a glimpse of our favourite videos. But chances are high that you might not be able to establish a connection with internet at all times. In such instances, you would love to download these videos and store it for later use. If you want the downloaded videos to be cast on your smartphone, then there are various video downloading apps. When you deal with Android smartphones video downloading becomes a necessity. Let us now flip through some of the popular video downloading apps on the Android platform


FVD stands for free video downloader as you can download any videos that are shared on the internet. When you open the screen there is an open browser button and when you click on it directs you to a dedicated web browser. It is possible to search any video on the browser as you can click on the desired video. Then on your Android device you can go on to save the video. The features are

  • Though the interface is complex you can go on to download a host of videos with this feature
  • Supports multiple formats and quick video downloading option is availed
  • Even it goes on to support multiple video formats


This app has to be among the best as far as video downloading is concerned. With the help of this app you can download videos from the internet. To download these videos on this app is a two way process. Just you have to search for the video in the web browser which you go on to integrate with the video downloading app. Once you zero in on a search you are going to locate a series of videos as per your search option. Just you need to scroll down on the video and click on the option.

On clicking all the downloading option would be provided with the desired resolutions. Even it is possible to share them on your device. A unique feature of this app is a resume function where downloads resume as gone are the days of frustrated interruptions. Not only time is saved but relevant day is also kept intact


The effectiveness and popularity of the Vidmate app has already set it apart from the rest. No wonders to the fact that Vidmate apps download install is climbing up the charts. There is no need to be looking for an app that provides you with an option of downloading unlimited number of videos. Not only that you are able to download the videos and save them for later use. The best part is that you can access the videos without any internet connection.

The latest version of Vidmate is termed to be compatible with almost all apps. Even on the old version of Android and on Android 2.2 it can be run. But still the best version to run Vidmate 2019 is 4.4. Apart from this the app can be run virtually on all other platforms.


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