4 Care Options for Your Elderly Parents

4 Care Options for Your Elderly Parents

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are no longer able to look after themselves and require help. If you feel like your elderly parents are not safe living on their own with no help, it might be time to find care options. Getting care doesn’t mean they need to leave their home, although that might be what you decide to do. Below are four eldercare options.

1. Help at Home

A growing trend in eldercare is aging in place, where elderly people spend out the rest of their days at home with assistance. Assistance can come in the form of a family member or home health care Bethesda Maryland. With this type of care, a professional caregiver helps the resident with a variety of tasks, from cleaning and laundry to going to the supermarket. They can also perform personal tasks like hygiene, bathing and meal preparation. They also offer companionship for seniors living alone.

2. Adult Day Care

If your parents are living with you but you worry about them when you are at work, you should look into adult daycare. Like childcare, these facilities offer care and recreational activities for senior citizens who are not able to be on their own alone at home. The services that adult daycares offer include health care and therapy, as well as exercise classes, arts and crafts and games.

3. Independent Living

Independent living is great for seniors who want the ability to live without worrying about keeping up their home. Types of independent living facilities are retirement communities, retirement homes and senior living buildings. These facilities are great for seniors who want to keep an active social life because they will be around a lot of people their own age and there are usually activities arranged for them to participate in.

4. Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are an option for seniors who need a higher level of care. If your parent has an acute or chronic health condition and requires round the clock care, you should choose a nursing home. They employ licensed medical professionals who are able to dispense medication, do wound care and change dressings, diabetes care and can arrange for hospice care if needed.

You may not know when the right time is to find help for your parents, but if you do your research, you’ll be prepared for when that time comes. It’s can be sad to think of you parents as needing help or moving out of their home, but remember that you just want what is best for them.


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