Why Good Skin is Still the Best Makeup

With all the skincare products in the market, it seems impossible to keep a simple and effective makeup routine anymore. You always get told you should be using this product or that, or that your regimen won’t be complete without product A, B, and C.

The truth is, you don’t need to follow a 20-step routine if you don’t want to or can’t afford to. Beauty is not about how much you spend on your skin every morning. It’s more important that you follow a basic routine properly so that your skin gets the best benefits. From a face primer online to the samples you get from stores, to the expensive serums you invest in, everything can do wonders or fail depending on how you use this.

Simple Is Sometimes Better

For those who are just starting out in their skincare routine, the idea of using several new products all at once may not be the best. You might end up with breakouts, and the worst part is you will find it hard to figure out which product to eliminate for their negative effects. It’s always recommended that you try one new product at a time. It might feel like it will take time, but if it’s for your skin, it’s worth the wait. Think of all the money you’ll save too. You will not be buying so many products all at once.

Know when It’s Time to Level up

Granted, there are thousands of new products every season, and some of them are just fad. Others, however, truly revolutionize skincare. It wouldn’t hurt to try a new product every once in a while, especially if they are touted to be the best in their category. Before you spend money, of course, you have to make sure the reviews are real and not paid advertisements. If you can get your dermatologist to recommend them, then perhaps they are worth it. If other people you know also swear by them, that’s a good sign. These are people you personally know would not be advertising a product they didn’t believe in.

Master Your Skin for Best Results

You don’t need to rely on beauty products to look good. In fact, it’s the products that improve your skin from the inside that are important to invest in. You can be wearing the most expensive foundation, but at the end of the day, when you remove it using overpriced makeup removers, you’ll still be left with dull skin. This is something moisturizers, serums, and eye creams can help address. Even though they don’t show in your makeup look, they help your skin immensely.

Have Your Skin Assessed

You can look at your skin and think it’s okay, but your improper skincare practices may actually be causing damage. You’ll want to pay attention to the health of your skin by getting the opinion of experts, so that you can correct your erroneous ways and work on a better skincare routine.

You love your skin, that much is true. Now, make sure you’re loving it in a way that truly benefits it.


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