Why Developers Prefer WP Reset Rather than Reinstalling it?

Why Developers Prefer WP Reset Rather than Reinstalling it?

When it comes to WordPress sites, you might think about reinstalling it for testing new themes and plugins. Reinstalling your website gives you the opportunity to bring your site back to its original state such that you can get the accurate results. However, it is a lengthy and time-taking process. It also requires a lot of effort that starts with deleting your installation to reinstallation of the fresh site with default values. In order to get rid of this process, you can choose the easier and faster option of resetting WordPress.

Introduction to WP Reset Plugin

As you might know that there are several WordPress plugins and its information is available at TidyRepo, here you can also find reset plugins. It is used to bring back the installed and running WordPress sites to its initial state. According to the developers, it is safe to use and the best solution to avoid the lengthy process of reinstallation.

No doubt, WP reset plugin is very helpful for developers and users as well. With its use, you can test a number of new themes and plugins in a few minutes to hours.

Some of the features of this plugin include-

  • It needs just a click to reset the site
  • It is also compatible with WP-CLI command
  • It never modifies any file or plugin or theme
  • It enables the developers to customize the reset options as per the needs
  • It never changes the site title or site address

Apart from these things, you must know that 50,000+ developers have already used this plugin and never think about any other ways of testing new plugins and themes. Also, there is no need for any professional knowledge when you want to reset WP sites. If you know the process, you can also do-it-yourself; however, professional assistance can make the process error-free.

Procedure to Resetting WordPress

Once you are ready to reset your site, you have to log in to your site using the username and password. Now-

  • Go to Plugins and then Database Reset
  • You get a list of options to customize the selection for resetting
  • You can make your choice as per your requirements
  • Or else, you are free to choose ‘Select All’ option
  • Enter the asked security code and proceed

After it completes resetting your site, you will be logged into WP dashboard. Your existing themes and plugins will be deactivated. You can notice that you have reached the original state of the site with its default value.


As you might know that testing requires a little time and your site may or may not available for the users, you have to ensure that visitors get a message regarding your maintenance work. In this case, you can use coming soon plugins and make them aware of your background work and reach the target audience.

Needless to say, it is an important task. This is because your simple message can keep your visitors engaged. Also, they will like to come back to avail of the services from your site once it gets ready. So what are you waiting for?


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