Ways to Lower Costs at Your Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturers have high operational budgets to maintain a productive facility. Heavy equipment, lighting, HVAC systems, and ventilation systems require a robust supply of power, and some facilities run for twenty-four hours every day of the year. Although smaller companies have been slower to adapt to new techniques, several top manufactures have reduced their costs by adopting eco-friendly measures. To reduce costs and maintain a safe facility, you can adopt the following methods at your plant.

Power Consumption Reductions

Most large facilities have massive utility bills every month. By using power-saving measures, you can lower your power consumption. You can develop a new energy-saving policy and encourage employees to follow the guidelines. The policy can include rules about unplugging office computers before leaving, adjusting the thermostat and using company vehicles. Your power bill may also rise if your equipment is damaged or not functional at an optimal level.

Equipment Repairs

To keep your costs low and avoid more expensive repairs in the future, you should inspect and maintain your equipment frequently. Every manufacture uses maintenance logs, but be sure to check behind the supervisors in charge of checking the records. When you need tool repairs, it’s essential to make the repairs promptly to avoid production delays. Delays are costly, but when you use preventative techniques and constant supervision, you’ll reduce your chances of a costly accident or delay.

LED Lighting

Manufacturing buildings require intense lighting that draws a considerable amount of power, but you can lower your expenses by purchasing LEDs to replace any standard bulbs. LEDs are more energy-efficient, and they require less maintenance and replacement costs than traditional lights. An outlet that used a standard 60watt bulb can be outfitted with a 20-watt LED that drains less power.

Solar Power Systems

Although most people associate solar power systems with residential properties, more successful manufacturers have recognized the benefits of solar energy and updated their facilities with new systems. You can become free from the utility company’s influence and help reduce your environmental impact by modifying your power source with solar energy.

Energy Audits

Another way to cut costs in your budget is to conduct an energy audit of your plant. You may have to hire a firm to conduct the audit for large facilities, but a single individual or small group can inspect smaller buildings. An energy audit will determine if poor insulation, cracked seals or faulty equipment are affecting your utility bills.

For manufacturers, large power consumption demands are a fact of life. However, by using the previous methods, owners can lower costs and maintain productivity.


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