Wax and Chlorophyll is Removed from Cannabis Plant to Prepare Other Products

Wax and Chlorophyll is Removed from Cannabis Plant to Prepare Other Products

Cannabidiol is a well-known product that is used for its medicinal benefits. It is extracted from hemp or cannabis plant which also contains other properties. It is difficult to extract only CBD from it because the plant also contains other compounds like THC, chlorophyll, etc. Original CBD products are made from organic cannabis plants which aren’t grown from chemicals or pesticides. Therefore, its effect is natural.

CBD is obtainable in various forms as different people have different preferences. The only drawback of CBD is its nasty taste. Thus, people either tries to induce it, take it as edible in gummies, brownie, cakes, or as vapers, capsules. Very rarely they would prefer CBD drop that is to keep under the tongue to eventually dissolve in bloodstream.

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While extracting cannabidiol, manufacturers have to pay extra attention to keep all desired nutrients in the last product. Every part of hemp plant, leaves, stems and seeds has some distinctive compound which makes them special. This is why full-spectrum CBD oil has extra benefit as it contains 113 CBD available in one cannabis plant. However, there are some elements that are excluded. These elements are wax as well as chlorophyll.

Wax is secreted by plant when they sweat a lot under scorching heat. Yes, plants also sweat. The wax forms a covering around cuticles for the plants to survive. When heat or light drains moisture out of plant, the wax secreted by hemp plant protects water source and plant’s nutrients.

Chlorophyll provides green pigmentation to plants. Chlorophyll draws energy for plant when sun rays or heat fall on it. This is further broken into minerals and nutrients which are spread all over the plant. If the plant is very green, then it means it has good quantity of Chlorophyll.

Here is the reason why wax and Chlorophyll is extracted from CBD merchandise –


  • Wax is extracted to prepare other products like rosin, dabs, etc.
  • Wax is very sticky which cannot be used as tincture or soft gel. To prepare liquid CBD product with wax, developer will have to utilize a solvent to breakdown wax, which is again an extra expense.
  • While breaking wax through solvent, other important nutrients are lost. Therefore, instead of fixing it in CBD merchandise, you can use it in any other form after extracting.


  • Chlorophyll helps in repairing damaged DNA cells. Therefore, special medicines are available in the market which includes only Chlorophyll.
  • Chlorophyll tastes awful and has pungent smell. As it is CBD products taste nasty, adding Chlorophyll would worsen its flavor.
  • If you add Chlorophyll to any product, it leaves an earthy scent on that product which is hard to gulp or chew.

Wax and Chlorophyll have their own benefits, but it is wise to use them in different form rather than using it in CBD products which is already healthy.


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