Types of Marine Hardware

Types of Marine Hardware

Whether you own a boat for commercial, industrial or personal reasons, one thing that you’ll likely end up doing is customize it. Using marine hardware, you can improve your vessel’s safety features as well as its overall efficiency. The first step to improving your boat is to understand the different types of marine hardware out there and what their purposes are. Read on to find out more about marine hardware choices and how to increase your watercraft’s performance.

Hardware Materials

Rigging that’s made from the right material makes all the difference. Choosing corrosion-resistant hardware allows for it to stay dependable even in harsh conditions. Some of the most common hardware materials used for marine life is brass, steel stainless steel and die-cast zinc. Steel is great for freshwater and is fairly cost-effective, but may not be great for saltwater use. Stainless steel, on the other hand, does better in saltwater to avoid corrosion and pitting. Die-cast zinc has a lot of variety when it comes to finishes and can withstand harsh elements and temperatures.

Types of Hardware

Marine hardware is made for different applications, so you’ll want to consider that before purchasing anything. Here are some of the most common hardware components out there:


Hooks are pretty common hardware found on a boat. You likely have use for both regular boat hooks as well as boat snap hooks. Regular boat hooks are typically attached to poles are used to help maneuver the craft when it doesn’t have power. Boat snap hooks, on the other hand, are a little more varied in their use. You may use the snap hooks to help tie down tarps, gear or even to secure chains for the anchor. You can also use hooks in your pulley systems if you so desire. You can never have too many hooks since they can be used for so many different things.


Rings are a boating tool that can help specifically for securing lines as well as loads. If you typically run a smaller rig like a kayak or canoe, you may use rings to also hold your equipment down.

Quick Links

These quick links are very similar to the hooks and rings already listed, in that they help with securing gear, lines and chains. Quick links are different in that they use a threaded unit to close so they are sometimes considered more secure than a hinged closure method.


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