How to hire a Business analyst with the right hiring process

How to hire a Business analyst with the right hiring process

There comes a time when every company, be it a small scale or a large scale, requires a business analyst who can offer the company with much required support and advice. At times, the first time hiring manager may get confused on which option to choose. But if you wish to create a business analyst team then you need to understand that it is never an easy job. Rather when it comes to selecting a candidate for such position, there are certain factors that need to be considered such as supply and demand. Other than this, the higher education level in geography and even the brand awareness and salary expectations are few other things that matters the most.

If you wish to expand your business and don’t really know how to start with hiring a business analyst then you can anytime go ahead and speak to subject matter expert. Such experts are known for providing the best test samples and even the recruitment solutions which can actually make your job a lot easier. See to it that every subject matter expert that you come across has got some good experience and knowledge to share with you which someday can help your business get a fruitful result.

Be clear with the seniority and expectation

Before you start with job defining process, it is important that you set the expectations and see if your company needs a senior analyst or a junior analyst. It is extremely important that you create a strong internal job description that can give more clear idea. It is important to understand that a business analyst is known to be serving the sales and marketing department. He is the person who helps to build the data process of the company and even train, create and support a growing business with the best analyst team. So if you are intending to go ahead and come up with the strong team then you need to be clear with the expectations of your organization.

When you look for an analyst, of course conducting a business analysts test can help you but you need to also look for the spark and enthusiasm in the person that can actually help the company get a team lead who can manage and try to become a bridge between the team members and the upper management. The salary range of the company also needs to be cleared. There have been many controversies on different things. You need to make a good research and see it to that you don’t limit your company simply because of the salary.  Some of the major benefits you can expect from a business analytics test are as follows

  • A mechanism of fast reporting, planning in combination with analysis
  • The planning  reporting or analysis does appear to be at an accurate level
  • Data quality is improved at a considerable level
  • Increase in the satisfaction levels of the employees
  • Increase in the levels of operational efficiency
  • Business does go on to gain a better competitive advantage in the competitive world
  • Better levels of customer satisfaction.

Be clear with the hiring process:

Filtering the candidate is extremely important and for this depending on their resumes you can get the best result. Whether it is the hiring process, resume review, advertising the position, phone interview or face to face interview, conducting a test option can be many but to use the right source and then driving on the conclusion is always a challenging task and for this you can simply choose the option of online test and personal interview. You need to also conduct an aptitude or personality test to get a clear idea about the candidate’s working nature.

Creating a strong interview:

It is always important to create a strong interview format and the very first thing that you need to is think how things shall proceed one after another. The initial step of the interview shall include welcoming the candidate. For this, greeting the person personally at the company’s entrance and introducing them is something that you need to do. It is always beater to select a meeting room where the interviews mined to be conducted.

Create a stage:

When you would be sitting in the interview, you need to cover up all the structure of the interview which is associated with the candidate. You need to mention all the details that would start by sharing some of the information about the company, job role and even to hear out from the candidate. By end of the test, you need to conduct a test.

Your job is to create a strong impact of the company for which in initial few minutes, you need to talk about the company, cover up all the history briefly and even different departments and company goal and fun facts associated with it. You are not only going to sell the company to the candidate but also yourself so make sure you are presentable and strong.

Moving further, once you are familiar with the knowledge and experience of the candidate, look for the testing questions that can give a string idea about the candidate work profile. Such type of questions needs to be created with the help of subject matter expert who can help you find the best test pattern that can certainly help your business grow and get the best team members.

A great business analyst is the one who has got pretty good project management skills, and have the details oriented attribute since the job profile could be quiet annoying but the persistent amount which is needed can only be achieved by a business analyst. Further, the person needs to have a steady nature and must deal about the issues and problems in a better manner and with great patience.

With such attributes and great test results, the person that you get shall be considered a perfect fit for the job.


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