Essential Guide To Specimen Management Services

Essential Guide To Specimen Management Services

As the name suggests itself, specimen management services are essentially an activity where a third party aids the primary laboratory by providing them with the required supplies to carry on with their specimen collection. This service has become essential with the advent of COVID-19. The need for swift and efficient means of getting supplies has never been this high. As a result, these companies are facing unprecedented demand. Companies who provide this service generally provide complete product solutions customized to the lab’s specimen collection requirements. Their main job is providing these supplies in time in a swift manner. Further, they are required to keep the needs of the lab in mind. Also, their involvement led to reduced costs, improvement in client service levels, and improvement in overall operational efficiencies for laboratories.

How do they function?

We shall look at the lists of tasks which these companies follow to fulfil their services. They provide solutions through providing the requisite supply and kit management, inventory management, specimen and supply logistics, and client management technology-related services. They have a specialized team for logistics which help in ensuring supply and specific specimen delivery. They also have a specified real-time carrier and courier specimen tracking team, which ensures the timely delivery. They also have the service of consolidated billing, backed by required auditing. They even have a contact management team which helps them in answering the queries of the client. After that, purchase services, including client supply distribution and order fulfilment.

Usage of the same in COVID-19

Now we shall look at the method through which COVID-19 samples can be connected. When partnering with companies who provide these services, laboratories benefit greatly from their specimen management expertise, which helps them reduce costs. We will take the example of products supplied by a company called Path-tech to understand how specimen collection about COVID-19 works. As we know, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused public catastrophe at the global stage.

We have never faced anything like this before. Thus to avoid the spreading of the same, there shall be widespread testing. Now for carrying these tests out, the associations need certain kits. Path-tech supplies the following kits for COVID-19 testing. These testing kits are available for the associations while keeping your needs in mind. The box kit usually has necessary things that will assist you in looking after the patient tests. It generally consists of the outer box, swab, UN3373 LabPak, and many more. They also provide you with the convenience kit, which has a polybag, label of the patients, swab, and medium prefill.


From all the information that we have gathered, it is quite clear that the market relating to specimen management services will grow rapidly, as the need for the same has increased exponentially due to the ongoing pandemic. Moreover, this sort of specimen management work is essential for our current needs. Therefore, companies that take the responsibility of providing specimen management services are doing society a big favour.


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