Build Instagram Followers for Your Business Using These Features

Build Instagram Followers for Your Business Using These Features

Since Instagram was launched, the social site has released numerous features that benefit businesses and help them get Instagram followers. Following are a few of the most important features that every business should be taking advantage of.


If you are already using Instagram, you’re probably already familiar with Video posts. Video posts are important because they have been proven to yield more user engagement than photos. This is a big deal for businesses who want to win with Instagram’s algorithm that monitors user engagement in posts to decide whether or not to display content. You can add a photo that’s as much as 60 seconds in length, along with a caption and filter. In addition, you can tag your location before sharing the post. Bottom line, your potential for getting more Instagram followers will increase if you post videos.

Live Video

Live Video is another way for businesses to build authenticity and brand transparency, both important factors when it comes to Instagram’s algorithm. Once you post your live video, followers receive a push notification that tells them that you are going live. Your followers will be able to like or comment in real time on your Live Video stream as well. Live video is not saved to your account – it will disappear once you’ve finished it.

Post Notifications

As a business, you may not feel that receiving notifications from accounts you follow is be a top priority. That said, you definitely want your Instagram followers to view notifications that they receive from you. Research conducted by Localytics found that 65% of mobile users who chose to receive push notifications from them returned within 30 days. In addition, the study found that users who facilitated push notifications engaged 3 times more often than users that opted out.

Notifications is a relatively hidden feature that is available on Instagram’s mobile app. Go to the profile you would like to receive notifications from to turn it notifications, click the three dots and choose “Turn on Post Notifications.”


One of the most important Instagram additions is the Stories feature. Users can add video clips to a story that can only view it for 24 hours (but as many times as they like) before it disappears. Addition Stories Features include being able to record a video that’s up to 15 seconds long, image viewing that up to 10 seconds long, unlimited Story additions and direct messaging. You’ll also be able to track the number of views it gets, and which users have looked at your content. You can also hide your Stories from specific users’ feeds and edit who can or can’t respond to you by direct message.

If your goal is to get real IG followers (and it should be), you’re going to need to keep up with the social sites changes and take advantage of any added marketing tools they add. The features listed here will help you prevail over the Instagram‘s ever-changing algorithm and get more Instagram followers.


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