Beginner Weight Lifting: Things To Remember

Beginner Weight Lifting: Things To Remember

Weightlifting sport is challenging. Serious participants in any beginner weight lifting program must be disciplined both mentally and physically.

The first lesson that you learn should be one of patience. You need to learn the correct forms and how to progressively increase your weights and reps to build up your muscle mass and gain a generally healthier body.

Before starting any beginner weight lifting program, see your doctor for a physical check-up.

Let him know what you plan to do so that he can evaluate your current health and advise you if there are any limitations that should be placed upon your participation in a program. Your health and safety are paramount.

One of the first questions asked by most beginners is about supplements – should you take them or not? Initially, supplements are really not necessary, and even if you take them when you start out, they probably will be of minimal value.

After you’ve been lifting for four of five months, however, the situation might be significantly different and supplements may be recommended. Diet, however, is an important consideration right from the start of any beginner weight lifting program.

You’ll be putting new demands upon your body; building muscle mass and losing weight and body fat. Eventually you will reach a plateau where it will be necessary to modify your diet to ensure that you get enough protein.

At this time, it may be wise to consider taking supplements. Eating properly, for both carbohydrates and protein, is critical for the body to have enough energy to actually perform the strenuous exercises required and to provide the building materials required to restore and create muscle tissue.

Your trainer can help you to create a diet tailored to your needs, or you can seek the help of a registered dietitian or nutritionist.

As a beginner, you must be careful about getting overconfident and taking on more than your body is ready for.

Never attempt any type of routine that would more prudently be done only by an experienced professional. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Overdoing it can cause serious and permanent injury. Many of the routines and exercises practiced by the professional weightlifters were tried only after years of training and progressive growth.

Don’t be goaded by more advanced bodybuilders into doing things that you’re not ready for. Good judgment is one of the major tools for success in bodybuilding.

Remember that even the professional weight lifters were once enrolled in a beginner weight lifting program, just like you.

Whenever possible, it’s prudent for the beginner to work with a trainer or at least a partner who has had a lot of experience. A good trainer or partner will not goad you into pushing yourself beyond your current capabilities.

He will instead help you to progressively increase your workout weight and reps in a responsible manner designed to lead you to your bodybuilding goals safely and rapidly as possible.

He’ll be able to advise you about the little things that often don’t get mentioned in some of the literature; things like how to breathe properly when exercising: breathing out when expending energy, and breathing in when recovering.

Regardless of what exercise routine you finally decide to go with, one important characteristic will be resting. Be sure to allow yourself the time to rest; to let your damaged muscles heal, and to foster new muscle growth.

If you don’t stop exercising for a long enough time to let your muscles recover, you end up with sore possibly damaged tissue.

This is obviously not what you want. Prudence and patience are once again the keys to success in any beginner weight lifting program.

You will, undoubtedly, have a weight lifting plan created with the help of a trainer. What’s important to remember in this discussion is attitude.

Focus, commitment, right form, good diet; these are all as important as the actual exercise routines. Without the proper attitude and commitment, the exercises performed in a beginner weight lifting program will prove fruitless.


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