A guide to a best friend bucket list

A guide to a best friend bucket list

You’ve probably got a bucket list for seasons, life, and travel plans, but do you have one with your best friend? Although many people don’t think about it, creating a bucket list with your best friend is good for a number of reasons. First, it allows you to conquer goals and have new experiences with your BFF. Second, you’ll create lifetime memories together that you’ll always cherish. And lastly, it offers you a variety of new activities you can try out instead of doing the same thing all the time. So, what activities can you add to your best friend bucket list?

1. Explore a new city together

If you love traveling, you should consider visiting a new city with your BFF. In the new city, you can test out restaurants, visit museums, take a billion photos, and even try out scary and fun activities such as escape rooms. For example, if you decide to travel to California, you can search for highly-rated escape rooms Los Angeles-based. This way, you can find the best escape room in the region.

2. Binge watch a TV series

Watching a series or movie together with your BFF is a great way to sit back and relax. Simply get together with some comfortable jammies and snacks and watch a TV show you both love. You can also go the extra mile by turning your movie night into a self-care night with mani-pedis and face masks.

3. Throw a dinner party for two

If you want some one-on-one time with your BFF, throw a dinner party for two. This is a fun way to spend your evening without necessarily going out, and you can have a chill night of girl talk. Just don’t forget to decorate your dinner table with some beautiful accessories such as flowers. You can look for flower delivery in Beverly Hills and have your flowers delivered at your doorstep.

4. Go to Disneyland

Although a cliché, going to Disneyland makes for some adventurous and fun time. You can create a Disney bucket list beforehand to determine all the fun things to do while there.


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